[VIDEO] Smokies GT 2017 991 GT3RS Race vs Street (Catted Systems)

991 GT3RS Dundon Street

991 GT3RS Dundon Race

These videos were from a wonderful event we donated to and supported called the Smokies GT 2017 for Cystic Fybrosis, FUCF!

Not often we get to hear both systems run back to back!

Pause one so you can hear them one at a time!

Here's more on the Dundon GT3RS Street Headers from our website:

We were able to keep all of the things that people love about our race headers:

  • less weight
  • more power,
  • great sound,
  • quiet when you want it to be
  • no drone
  • lifetime structural warranty
  • 100% 30day money back guarantee
    • if you try it and don't like it, send it back we'll give you your money back!
  • Convertible to no cats with the swappable test pipes for track days (available separately).

We use 321SS (a superior grade of Stainless steel to the cheaper 304SS) and use an advanced  metal core catalyst with better mixing and less pressure drop than a typical 200CPSI catalytic converter.  All our products are mfg in the USA in our shop in Gig Harbor, WA.


By routing the primaries up and positioning the catalytic converter more vertical we were able to retain 99% of the primary length of the race system. This is how we are able to achieve 20whp max gains on the 991.2 GT3RS,   This is the most power from a catted 991.2 GT3RS  Exhaust system.

You get great drone free sound with working valves, 321 SS construction, industry leading power, lifetime structural warranty, and 100% money back guarantee, if you try it and don't like it, send it back we'll give you your money back!


And our GT3RS Race Headers:

Constructed from 321SS tuned length stepped headers and flapped side connector, the exhaust combination offers a 40whp increase at 8500rpm and 40lbft at 4300rpm for 991.2 GT3 owners with no ecu flash required.

Race Headers are for Non US or for racing vehicles. 

By understanding exhaust flow and resonance tuning, Dundon Motorsports developed this combination. The use of the the OEM center muffler and flaps allow for drone free, quiet cruising and a glorious porsche roar when on the throttle! This setup is bolt on and can be selected with or without the exhaust flaps. 

Weight of the system is lighter than stock by far. Stock is 86 lbs, the weight of the Race Headers and stock GT3 muffler flaps is 36lbs This is complete header flanges to the exhaust tips including ALL hardware, clamps, straps etc, a savings of 50lbs!