My Experience: Dundon Full Exhaust

Read one of our customers' experience with our street headers and loud muffler:

I've had many, many different exhausts on my various GT cars. 4 or 5 different center deletes, some side deletes and most recently my preowned GT3 came with GMG headers and center delete. The GMG system that came with my car was by far the best setup I had yet. Deep, loud, no drone and sounded great. I really loved it. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't, as it would somewhat justify going with a Dundon setup. I’ve always wanted to try a Dundon system - and even though I loved my current setup, I decided to bite the bullet and order the street headers with loud muffler. They came a couple weeks later, and they were installed the same day. Anticipation was at an all time high! As I was doing the install, it was clear that from a build quality and fit/finish perspective, Dundon’s stuff is OEM or better than OEM. It is much better than any other aftermarket modifications I've tinkered with over the years This is big boy stuff. It’s amazing how it all goes together and the thought that goes in to the design to accommodate thermal expansion, leak prevention and other aspects. The install went smoothly and, other than a missing and cross threaded header bolt from my old setup that I was unaware of (addressed with help from Dundon!) I was ready to hit the road!

I decided my first ride would be an early morning rip down some country roads with my 14yo son. We live in the outskirts of Chattanooga with access to great roads in a few minutes. As we began to drive, slowly but surely the air was let out of the balloon and regret set in. It was my son who broke the ice, saying he was super disappointed and the old exhaust was better. The sound was very different. There was no “junk” and growl in it - It was kind of unemotional and didn’t sound at all like I expected. The only thing positive that we noticed was much, much more power. That part was awesome. At that point I felt I had made a huge mistake going down this road... Why did I tinker with something I was so happy with?

I texted Jamie and told him, softly, about my disappointment, and how I prefer the GMG sound. I told him that engine sound is my favorite connection to a car, and it's far more important to me than additional power as a GT3 is already stupid fast. I told him that without a doubt the fit, finish and power of the Dundon setup was miles ahead. I told him that if I was coming from OEM to this, I would probably be thrilled, but the GMG sound was a very high bar. I told him I needed growl, overrun and pops.

At that point I was ready to pack it in, cut my losses and either return the system to Dundon if they'd take it, or sell it on RL at a loss - depending on how Dundon wanted to deal with it. I put the GMG system back on my car, went for a 4 hour drive, recorded video and wanted to convince myself I wasn’t going crazy. I loved it. I was happy - the sound was great and I was ready to stay with the GMG. Another conversation with Dundon happened where Jamie said, if you really don’t want it, ship it back - no pride here.. you like what you like and you get all of your money back. But... YOU REALLY NEED TO LET THE CAR ADAPT TO THE NEW SYSTEM!. And that's where it all changed for the better. You need it to start over fueling for the sounds you are looking for, and that will happen if you give it some time. (Which sounded impossible and unlikely that it would change that much). I know Jamie to be honest, and full of integrity. As a favor to him, i agreed to try it for two full weeks. There was no pressure, there was nothing personal, and he said I can send it back whenever I want for a full refund. Other than doing the install again, I had nothing to lose.

Soooo.... I decided to give it another shot. Off with the GMG and on with the Dundon system. Install took 90 minutes from start to finish. I had become an expert in swapping the entire exhaust in record time.

And I went for a drive. A real... Smokies GT kind of drive over the Cherohala, to Fontana dam and finishing up heading north over Tail of the Dragon. The drive started as the last drive with the Dundon finished - not what I was hoping for. About an hour in, something started to happen. The car got angrier, it settled in to the new setup, it started growling and coughing and popping and holy crap I LOVE this exhaust! It’s started making incredible sound, even more power and I can’t believe the difference! It has much more power than the GMG setup, and the sound has come to life. As the drive went on it got better and better, I was smiling like a little kid, laughing at the shifts that sound like cannon fire- windows down and heat on full high on a 55 degree day. Downshifting for no reason, getting excited at the rock walls next to the road where I'd hear this monster sing. It was MILES ahead of how we started and of what I originally expected, and it was getting better by the second! I bonded with the car, the exhaust, and was genuinely filled with joy and satisfaction. THIS is why I messed with something I was already happy with! Because it can get even better- much, much better.

I couldn't wait to get home and tell Jamie how happy I was - and that he was right... the car needed to adjust. As best we concluded, the car needed some time to adjust to 2 different aftermarket setups... it took time for it to adapt to the new system and this experience was very abnormal.

Through this ordeal, I gave Jamie a couple sleepless nights. I experienced the best customer service imaginable... in any industry.. with Dundon. I saw superior fit and finish of Dundon vs GMG for their flagship exhaust systems and I learned that it really does take time for the car to adjust. I eventually found exhaust nirvana, and overall this was just a memorable, awesome experience in technical details, customer service, persistence and patience. I tested every aspect of Dundon motorsports. Dundon’s stuff is as good as it gets, backed by super cool, passionate and generous guys who are part of the fabric of Smokies GT and really are even better than their reputation says.


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