4.0L Build Engine Power for your 997 GT3 and GT3RS without spending $40,000

Introducing the Dundon Resonance Intake Manifold

While the 997 platform is well-established, we are excited to share a new product that is the result of years of work. We are employing an old concept to breathe new life into this beloved platform. Chrysler explored the use of this technique way back in the 1960’s: Resonance Charging. Factory Porsche 996 & 997 GT3’s use “third order” resonance. At a basic level, this means the pressure wave travels the intake runner three times before the intake valve opens. After carefully dissecting all of the variables, we were able to develop a second order resonance intake manifold. By harnessing the pressure wave on it’s second “bounce” instead of the third, we preserve more pressure, and get that into the cylinder to make more power! - Stay tuned for an in-depth video series that explains this work.

Now to the goods: This intake manifold when combined with our header packages will give your 997 GT3/Cup 3.6/3.8/4.0L and 991.1 Cup up to 60 additional horsepower to the wheels!  It's also compatible with our street or race headers, so if you want to go all out, we have that too! The 100mm throttle body allows low resistance to flow and helps keep your engine running at peak performance levels. On our 997.2 GT3 3.8L test car  we increased the power from 375whp stock to 400whp  with headers.  Adding the Resonance Intake Package to the exhaust yielded an additional 40whp moving the needle to 440whp that's 65whp gains for the bolt on package!  The intake manifold improves power on all variations we’ve tested including stock headers, but was most compelling when paired with an effective set of headers (like our Street or Race versions).

Dyno above is 997.2 GT3 with Dundon Resonance Intake and Dundon Headers.

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Our manifolds are 3D printed in nylon, so heat-transfer and weight are minimized. They are also constructed in 5 separate pieces to allow for installation without removing the engine.

You'll be able to feel the difference in your Porsche right away after installing one of these bad boys into your engine bay! Not only will it make more horsepower but also provide better throttle response and smoother acceleration throughout the RPM range which means less time spent waiting around at stoplights and more time driving fast down back roads where you belong!