AdamLZ's 991.2 GT3RSR Street Headers & Inconel Megaphone Crack Pipe

Adam wanted to liven up his 991.2 GT3RS past the street headers and stock muffler he already had.  So we sent him an Inconel Megaphone Center Delete affectionately known around here as the "Crack Pipe".  This part was originally made as a special request for Pro Driver Lehman Keen.  He wanted his Dundon Race header equipped 2019 CupMR to have a loud, light exhaust that didn't lose power.  So the "Crack Pipe" was born!

Here’s a little more info on the crack pipe from our website:

The only sound better than a Porsche is the sound of a Porsche that’s earned its racing stripes. That’s why we’ve designed the Crack Pipe — the ultimate, unbridled expression of Porsche’s Motorsport DNA (with a little help from Dundon Motorsports). If you want to seriously turn heads at the track when you fly by, this is the one for you. Fair warning — with no valves or mufflers, you’ll have a constant RSR scream that is LOUD. So we wouldn’t suggest taking grandma for a spin.

The Crack Pipe is Our Most Aggressive Exhaust!
• Fabricated with Inconel 625
• Megaphones for enhanced wave strength (more power)
• Full 3.5" X Pipe merge

Not for the faint of heart, this is LOUD, screams like an RSR at full throttle. There are countless videos on our social media pages (@dundon_motorsports on Instagram and Dundon Motorsports on YouTube!) showcasing the power and sound this exhaust can make. It never fails to put a smile on our customers' faces, and even elicits some trademarked Dundon Giggles.
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