997 GT3 and GT3RS Dundon Resonance Air Intake Results


Time for a quick update on our 997 Resonance Intake Manifold! 


We've got a handful of these installed on customer cars (all over the world!) and results are trickling in. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the gains on our test car (shout out to Alex P. for his patience as we dialed this in!). The graph below is from his 997.2 GT3. 


Dyno above is 997.2 GT3 with Dundon Resonance Intake and Dundon Race Headers.

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The next car to complete installation was from our friends at Mantis Autosport in Canada. Their customer was looking to extract the most performance possible from his 997.2 GT3RS. We knew this would be a potent platform, but had not tested that exact platform at our facility. It's safe to say we were all shocked and stoked with the results!

Yes, you are reading that right: 469hp at the wheels!!!


Here's a little audio/video treat from the dyno run:



We are looking forward to sharing more results with you, so stay tuned!!


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