Pre-Owned 718 GT4/GTS/Spyder Street Headers



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Get your 718 GT4/Spyder/GTS and GT4RS to sound as it should! Gain Power, Lose Weight and get the sounds you're craving.   VERY gently used set of over-axle pipes/cats with new exhaust manifolds. 


From our blog post on the 718 GT4 Street Headers: This is a complete replacement from the cylinder head to the factory muffler and is comprised of three pieces per side: the exhaust manifold (header), the over-axle pipes (which contain the catalyst), and the muffler adapter. The reason this is only offered as a complete kit (and not individual components) is that our system was optimized for producing horsepower (using stock mounting locations limited power gains). All components are made from mandrel-bent, TIG-welded 321 stainless steel. These connect using gasketed v-bands for easy install and a complete seal. Hear it for yourself: 


Check out the help site for a full installation guide of our 718 GT4 Headers