E-Motion Engineering Brake Pads


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The E-Motion Engineering “PSCM” Compound is the ideal compound for clients that want the comfort of a street pad, but one which will not give up its ghost on the track. The compound is suitable for intermediate to full-advanced track use.

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The Challenge: Most performance brake pads marketed as “dual-purpose” often leave a lot of performance to be desired and are neither street-friendly (noisy and/or dusty), nor have performance on track (lack of bite and fade resistance, and quick wear). There are many dedicated racing brake pads which do perform well on track, however will be noisy on the street, will eat the brake discs, or lack friction outside of the optimum temperature range. Most street or performance brake pads end up not having the fade resistance or bite on track and still end up being noisy and dusty on the street.

The challenge was to offer a single brake pad/friction material that would be well mannered on the street with low noise, low dust, and good cold bite, while bridge the performance gap to most true racing pads.

The Solution: After extensive testing specific to Porsche platforms, a friction material was found to have the characteristics needed for a performance road pad which would also offer the necessary performance of a track pad.


Since the material meets the growing demands of the Porsche Street, Canyon, and Motorsport client, the compound is aptly named “PSCM”.