991.2 GT3RS D3R : Race Header, Lifetime Muffler / "Crack Pipe" Exhaust, 93mm Intake Kit


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52LBFT AND 45HP AT THE WHEEL GAINS - The ultimate for the track driven 991.2 GT3RS. Available for sale to cars outside of the USA or for track cars only, this ultimate performance package screams like an RSR.

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When testing the 991.2 GT3RS we quickly identified an inefficiency in the intake system. A few things to note:

1. The Car is 520hp from the factory
2. The Airfilter box is from a 991.1 Carrera S
3. The Throttle Body is 82mm, the same it's been since the 996 GT3
4. Neither the 996 GT3 nor the Carrera S are 520hp...

Further the 991.1 and 991.2 RS are designed with side intake scoops to "Ram" air into the intake tract and center plenum. So any restriction or "friction" in this path will prevent the car from reaching it's full power potential.

Here's the Dundon 991.2 GT3RS D3 Race Power Package:


  • Race Headers
  • Lifetime Muffler or Inconel Megaphone Center Delete "Crack Pipe" (* No Valves, VERY LOUD)
  • 991.x GT3RS Airbox
  • 93mm TB/Center Plenum

Here's a little sound bite for ya...