991.2 GT3 Touring Race Header, Lifetime Muffler, 93mm Intake Kit D3 Power Package


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Add Power and great sound and experience your Porsche’s true capabilities with the Dundon Power Package. Intentionally designed to bring big power with and distinct sound we all love, this kit is perfectly tailored to add more muscle, better sound, and increased performance to your specific GT car. Only available for sale outside of the USA.

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Package includes:

  • Race Headers
  • Lifetime Loud Muffler
  • 93mm Intake Kit including 93mm Throttle Body and Center Plenum

It's not a Touring, but Frank's 991.2 GT3 sounds identical to a Touring similarly equipped:


Check out our instructional video on the Loud Muffler and Street Headers at our Help Site: https://help.dundonmotorsports.com/991.1-gt3loud-muffler-and-street-header-installation