MCS 2way and 3way  Remote Reservoir Suspension with Quick Disconnect
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Wanna go faster without trying so hard?  You need better support from your dampers.  Feel every nuance of the car coming into apex, a little breath off the throttle and the car points in.  It's these small moments that make driving magical,


The MCS 2way and 3 way damper system for 981 is how to get there, we tailor the kits including everything from springs to PASM deletes (so you don't have a yellow light on in the dash).  

We run this system on our 981 GT4 with the Verus Ventus Aero Package and the car is a track weapon!


Our kits come with:

  • MCS 2way or 3way dampers, quick disconnects, remote reservoirs
  • PASM Delete to keep the dash lights off
  • Front and Rear Main and Tender spring Package tailored to the car and mods