991 GT3 Bolt on Carbon Wing


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Add much needed downforce to your 991.1 or 991.2 GT3 with our 1600mm bolt on...


In combo with our Dive Planes or Dual Dive Planes add 600lbs of downforce with minimal drag at 160mph

Comparison at 80mph

991.2 GT3 Stock:  85lbs of Downforce (L/D 0.8)

991.2 GT3 V2 kit (dive planes and wing): 195lbs (L/D 1.4)

991.2 GT3 V3 Kit (V2 + Carbon Splitter): 215lbs (L/D 1.5)

991.2 GT3RS Stock: 210 lbs (L/D 1.44)



You can really see the differences between the kits and how much your 991.1/991.2 GT3 will stick to the road.

Doing the design work specific to each car allows us to tailor the kit and make each car well balanced with complete tuning guides and advice along the way!  

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