991 GT3/GT3RS/GT2RS - Track Suspension Package (for models WITHOUT factory Weissach Package)


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The 991 GT platform is a phenomenal car out of the box. Push the envelope of yours to the next level with our track suspension package. This kit combines our exclusive Motion Control 2-way or 3-way dampers, custom-tailored spring rates, PASM Delete (needed as we're disconnecting and removing the stock dampers) with E-Motion Engineering's suspension arms to offer a complete suspension upgrade for your GT car.  

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We're honored to be the exclusive partner of Motion Control Suspension bringing true motorsports dampers to the 991.1 - 991.2 GT3, Touring with Pneumatic Front Axle lift and the 991.2 GT3/RS and GT2RS with Hydraulic Front Axle Lift. 

For a long time you had to sacrifice your street drivability if you wanted to upgrade to a motorsports damper, but no longer. These give you the adjustability and control of a motorsports damper, while retaining Front-Axle lift and provide enough range to offer comfort on the road. 

We've curated three options for spring rates to suit your needs: Street, Track, and Track+. Street will be tailored for drivers who enjoy back roads and canyons, but need a bit more comfort for rough roads and long drives. Track is a bit firmer for the weekend warrior; offering more support for heavier g-loads and r-compound track tires. Track+ spring rates take into account the needs of an experienced track driver with sticky tires (Hoosiers, slicks, etc.) and added aerodynamic grip. If you are unsure of the best spring rate for you, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you decide. 

When lowering and corner-balancing a GT car, you reach a certain point where the factory carbon fiber sway bar is "pre-loaded" to an undesirable degree. The adjustable end-links allow you to remove any pre-load to retain full suspension travel and friendliness. Our kit includes two sets of drop-links, one for the front and one for the rear of the car. We also provide adjustable tie-rod ends to ensure a wide-range of adjustability and safety when adding a track alignment. 

The factory control arms retain rubber bushings, which are great for reducing NVH, but not ideal for consistency and control near the limit. The E-Motion Tension Arms remove the rubber and replace them with a serviceable spherical bearing, reducing deflection, improving feel and giving you more grip and more confidence.

This kit takes you beyond the factory Weissach Package, as we replace all control arms and "dog-bones" to remove rubber from the chassis, maintain alignment under load, improve road feel and offer a wider range of adjustability for track width, camber, caster and toe. Your GT3 will be ready to take on all comers and your suspension will be "sorted" with this kit. 


  • MCS 2-Way or 3-Way dampers 
  • Custom Spring Rates 
  • E-Motion Engineering adjustable drop links (x2) 
  • E-Motion Engineering Tie Rod Ends (set of 2) 
  • E-Motion Engineering Tension Arms (set of 2)
  • E-Motion Engineering Front Lower Control Arm Assembly (set of 2)
  • E-Motion Engineering Rear Lower Control Arm Assembly (set of 2)
  • E-Motion Engineering Rear Control Arms (complete set of 6)

Check out our instructional video on the Dundon MCS setup on the Help Site