991 Cup RS Widebody Frontend


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Looking for more front grip from your 991 GT3, Turbo, or Carrera? Want to remove your expensive factory RS fenders? Want to lose some weight and get lots of downforce? This is the way to go.

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100% Carbon/Kevlar construction, same as what is on the 991.1 GTD Cup cars with a little bit added.  991.1 Cup Car fenders in one piece with RS style vents. Lower GTD Cup Splitter is 12mm thicker (lower to the ground) than stock, so is an aggressive piece for the street, but looks so good we couldn't help ourselves. Ideally suited for a Cup Decklid conversion or our soon to be released GT3-R decklid/wing conversion. Parts are far lighter than stock, we'll weigh when we get ready for installation!


These are high quality pieces with great fitment, but even then, professional, qualified installation is required. Parts come primered ready for prep.


Pieces are available separately, but all are intended to work together. Contact us if interested in the kit separated.


Box is very large, contact us to arrange freight shipping.



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