997.2 GT3/RS



I'm very happy with it. In terms of affecting the cars outright performance, as such, I cant really say till I've been on the track, strip or Dyno with it - but Ill eat my hat if the car isn't measurably quicker in all situations. On a fast back road run for 150 miles it felts quicker for sure but... read more

Mark, Australia
991 GT3 Race Headers

997.1 and 997.2 GT3/RS/Cup World Challenge Carbon Fiber Splitter


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Added a big wing?  You need to balance the down force on the front of the car.  A large flat bottomed splitter does exactly this!  Our splitter was designed as two pieces, the splitter and the fence (or air dam).  Further as we know some of our beloved cars spend time on the street we offer the fence in two heights, street and race.  Street is about 1/2" shorter than the race setup, but every little bit helps.

The splitter attaches to the bottom of the car, this requires the bottom of the bumper to be removed.  We can supply bumpers as well if you want to keep your factory bumper.



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