981 GT4/Spyder



So here is my final review about these Dundon headers: - First of all, these headers are beautiful.... they look so good that I just want to hang them on my wall. A quality product! Comes packaged nicely with a set of K&N filters. - Install by the shop was smooth like a breeze, no fitment issues at all. Took around 2... read more

Kareem, Bahrain
GT4 Race Headers

GT4 Reinforced 3rd Gear

GT4 Reinforced 3rd Gear


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We've been searching for a quality 3rd  gear replacement for the GT4 and found it in Holinger, the manufacturer of gears for Porsche Racing!


A replacement to the weak and poorly designed factory 3rd gear in the GT4.  Synchro dog-rings are splined to the gear - this prevents the ring-detachment failure that has been known to occur in standard GT4 gearboxes (see close-up image below).  Holinger delivers again!

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