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Jamie I am madly in love with my 991 RS with Dundon Race Headers now honestly its transformed. Was out on the track and an instructor friend who had driven it previously drove with the Dundon Race Headers yesterday and got out and said I quote"what have you done to it" read more

Ahmad, UAE
991 GT3RS Race Headers

Emotion Engineering Stage 4 Solid Suspension Upgrade

Solid Bushings, Higher Spring Rates, tailored by Emotion Engineering


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The ultimate full solid bushing upgrade and spring package for your 991 GT3/RS or 981GT4.  Have precise control over suspension movement, just like the 991.2 GT3RS Weissach cars.

*requires pressing old bushings from suspension joints

*requires the installer to have a PIWIS2/3 and knowledge of how to reteach the rear steering modules for 991 GT3/RS.

1 - E-Motion Front and Rear Upgraded Spring Pkg 

2 - Rear Spring Adapters 

1 - E-Motion Drop Links - front 

1 - E-Motion Drop Links - rear  

2 - Radius Arm (front)  

4 - Radius Arm Mount  

2 - 75mm Radius Arm Bolt 

2 - Front Lower Control Arm Bearing Cartridge  

1 - Misc. Shims 

2 - Rear Toe Link Eccentric Bolt 

2 - Rear Toe Link Bearing Cartridge 

2 - Rear Lower Control Arm Bearing Cartridge 

2 - 991 GT3 Rear Lower Thrust Arm Complete 

2 - 991 GT3 Rear Medium Length Upper Control Arm 

2 -991 GT3 Rear Short Length Upper Control Arm 

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