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I have done a couple track days so far and car is definitely faster, I feel the power and torque mainly in the mid range, sounds great too. read more

Alex, Australia
GT4 Race Headers

Emotion Engineering Stage 4 Solid Suspension Upgrade

Solid Bushings, Higher Spring Rates, tailored by Emotion Engineering


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The ultimate full solid bushing upgrade and spring package for your 991 GT3/RS or 981GT4.  Have precise control over suspension movement, just like the 991.2 GT3RS Weissach cars.

*requires pressing old bushings from suspension joints

*requires the installer to have a PIWIS2/3 and knowledge of how to reteach the rear steering modules for 991 GT3/RS.

1 - E-Motion Front and Rear Upgraded Spring Pkg 

2 - Rear Spring Adapters 

1 - E-Motion Drop Links - front 

1 - E-Motion Drop Links - rear  

2 - Radius Arm (front)  

4 - Radius Arm Mount  

2 - 75mm Radius Arm Bolt 

2 - Front Lower Control Arm Bearing Cartridge  

1 - Misc. Shims 

2 - Rear Toe Link Eccentric Bolt 

2 - Rear Toe Link Bearing Cartridge 

2 - Rear Lower Control Arm Bearing Cartridge 

2 - 991 GT3 Rear Lower Thrust Arm Complete 

2 - 991 GT3 Rear Medium Length Upper Control Arm 

2 -991 GT3 Rear Short Length Upper Control Arm 

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