991.1/991.2 GT3, GT3RS, 911R, Cup,



I'm very happy with it. In terms of affecting the cars outright performance, as such, I cant really say till I've been on the track, strip or Dyno with it - but Ill eat my hat if the car isn't measurably quicker in all situations. On a fast back road run for 150 miles it felts quicker for sure but... read more

Mark, Australia
991 GT3 Race Headers

Dual Reverse Cone Airbox 991 GT3


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Dual Reverse Cone Airbox for 991 RS

Stock Filter Area :1.77 ft2

Reverse Dual Cone Filter Area: 6.25 ft2

353% more than stock.


More filter area means slower air speeds through the filters and less pressure drop across the 


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