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Video doesn't do it justice you need to hear it in person holy crap does it sound good! I thought my center bypass sounded good but these race headers blows it out of the water in every way. In my opinion these headers are 30% louder than previous setup and the best part zero drone. Listen to the high pitch... read more

Derek, Taiwan
991 GT3RS Race Headers

Carbon RS Fender Vents


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The 991.2 GT3RS comes from the factory with plastic fender vents.  The 991.2 GT2RS comes with Carbon fender vents.  

We wanted some carbon fender vents and after seeing the price of the GT2RS fender vents decided to make our own.  

Dundon Carbon 991.2 GT3RS Fender Vents are 100% carbon (including the mounting tabs).  

They are a direct fit in the 991.2 GT3RS (they do not fit the 991.1 GT3RS as those vents are glued in from the factory)

Expect 10-12 hours for installation as the bumper, headlights and fenders have to come off of the car for install.


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