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991 GT3 with Race Headers vs 997.1 GT3RS with Race Headers

991 GT3 with DMS Race Headers vs 997.1 GT3RS with DMS Race Headers
Great track day with a good friend. Jamie driving his 991 GT3 starting by chasing one of our customers, John, in his 2007 GT3RS Pumpkin. Both cars with Dundon Race Headers. John is such a good driver he keeps it close!

Both cars with Dundon Race headers! from 9/6/2016 The Speed Syndicate track day at the Ridge Motorsports Park.  Fast forward to around the 2:00minute mark.

Quote from John (owner of the 2007 GT3RS):

"The acceleration of the 991GT3 with Dundon header upgrade is so ridiculous. 
The R8 V10 passed me this way before, but have never seen a 991GT3 like this before"

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