991.2 GT3 Splitter Installation

This article contains information regarding the removal and installation of the 991.2 GT3 front splitter.

Created by: Anthony Butay                                                                               date: 06/11/2020

Edited by: Eric Rosu                                                                                          date: 07/20/2020

Tools Required

1. ¼” ratchet
2. 3” ¼” extension
3. 5mm hex bit ¼” drive
4. 2.5mm hex bit ¼” drive
5. T30 Torx ¼” drive
6. T25 Torx ¼” drive
7. 8mm socket ¼” drive
8. ¼” drive torque wrench
9. 90* pick

Splitter Installation

1. Remove large plastic panel that covers front lower part of radiators. Also remove the factory
plastic diffuser pieces on each side of the car. The T30, and T25 Torx are needed for this step.
The picture below shows the area where the plastic pieces are positioned, however this is not
an exact image of the panels.

2. Assemble diffuser together, with the 991.2 Splitter this is as simple as pushing the halves

3. Set splitter assembly aside for now as we will install a few brackets. There are 5 total brackets
that we will install in this step. First, attach the 2 brackets together as shown below; this is the
driver side main splitter bracket. Repeat for the passenger side, then install driver and
passenger brackets in car as shown below.

This is what the chassis looks like after pulling the nuts off that hold the pedestrian bar on. Then you can install the brackets as shown in the picture below on both sides.

4. Mount the splitter onto the car to the brackets now mounted on the chassis, using all of the
6mm bolts and large washers supplied. We recommend having 2 people complete this step as
holding the complete splitter assembly above your head, lining up the bolt holes and starting
the bolts is very challenging. You can put this splitter up in 2 pieces if you want to. Tighten
down all six of the 6mm bolts that are holding the splitter so that it does not want to move.

5. Now we will drill pilot holes for the front lip supports. Use a 4mm drill bit or 5/32” to drill
through the lip. Once the pilot holes are drilled, remove the splitter again and set aside for now.

6. Thread 4mm studs into the aluminum side brackets as shown below in every other hole, this will help line up the brackets while getting the splitter in place. Now take each side lip bracket and get them to lay on top of the inside of the lip (3 pieces in total). With the studs protruding downward toward the ground. Make sure that the flat side of the bracket is the side touching the lip.

7. Now we will carefully get the splitter re-aligned and we can get it back on the car for final
installation. When placing the splitter back on the car, be careful to not push the lip brackets off
of the lip. We want to line these up and get them to feed through the splitter. Once splitter is on
the car in final position and studs for side lip brackets are protruding, we can install all of the
6mm bolts to hold the splitter up. Now in the side lip brackets we will thread the 4mm bolts with
washers into every other hole that does not have a stud in it. Get the 4mm bolts snugged down.


8. Remove all of the 4mm studs and replace them with 4mm bolts and washers. Once all the bolts
are installed, the 6mm and 4mm, we can tighten all of the bolts for the final assembly. The final
assembly should look like the image below with all of the bolts attached in the splitter.


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