Inconel Megaphone Center Muffler Delete... "Crack" Pipe

Most all center muffler deletes lose power in the mid range when coupled with Race or Catted headers.  We wanted to solve that, so we made one our way...  Using a reverse Megaphone design coupled with a 3.5" Xpipe, made from 625 Inconel for long life, light weight and wicked sound.  When coupled with our Race Headers the car truly sounds like an RSR!

  • Loud, will not pass sound at Laguna ;)
  • Will wake the neighbors
  • Is livable on the highway, can talk on the phone above 2500rpm it gets quiet(ish)
  • 5.5lbs so combo of Race headers and Crack Pipe is 60+ lbs weight loss.


Will update with Dyno data, for now enjoy the crazy RSR Sounds, videos below

Our Engineer Mike is pretty excited about it!




Connector pipes will be made in Inconel as well, but for the first article had to confirm fitment and made it from some 321 we had on hand.



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