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981 CCV (Convertible Catted Valved) 321SS Exhaust

  • 981 CCV (Convertible Catted Valved) 321SS Exhaust
  • 981 CCV (Convertible Catted Valved) 321SS Exhaust
  • 981 CCV (Convertible Catted Valved) 321SS Exhaust

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We're always striving to produce something a bit better, a bit different than what has come before.  We wanted to produce an exhaust for our Race Header customers that allowed them to run catalytic converters on the street, take them out when on the track,  but also not sacrifice the power produced from their Race Header investment.  In addition we wanted to make a muffler that was lighter, retained the sport valves, had easily swappable exhaust tip options (including turn aways), improved the flow of exhaust gasses, configurable sound levels (quiet and louder) and was constructed from the best materials so we could warranty it for a nice long time.  In the end we achieved all of these things and we've made the system modular so that it works with more than just our headers, will work with anyones race or catted headers including stock headers, on all 981's.  We even added options for post cat 02 bungs for those race headers without them.  We're tweaking a few things working on the exchangeable exhaust tips (picture doesn't have this yet).  

The system is in beta testing with a few customers (those of you at Thill this weekend look for a Grey GT4...).

Exhaust with test pipes $3950
Exhaust with 200 CPSI Cats: $4750
Exhaust with 200 CPSI Cats, rear 02 bungs, extended wire O2's: $5250


Dundon CCV (Convertible Catted Valved) Exhuast for 981 including GT4, Spyder, GTS, S:


  • 321 Stainless Steel Construction for long trouble free life
  • No changes in HP or Torque compared to Race Headers without cats (small 4-5whp gains in fact on our tests).
  • 200 CPSI Metal Core Catalytic Converters (swappable to available test pipes for track days)
  • Valves included to allow continued use of PSE
  • Swappable Tips (Black Straight or Black Megaphone Slash options included with purchase, Turn aways available)
  • Configurable Sound Levels (can pack mufflers for more sound deadening)
  • Works with Dundon Race Headers, or any system running the stock header flange.
  • 20lbs lighter than the stock PSE rear exhaust

Stock GT4 vs Dundon Race Headers, Tune and Catted Convertible Valved Exhaust.


$4,750.00 $4,500.00

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